Data Processing


As the market is being competitive day by day it becomes essential for the companies to provide quality documentation to showcase their products. It helps to influence the decisions of consumers in buying their products. Therefore image processing services is the latest technology that designs and develops special type of algorithms to enhance the utilization of images.

We at SGM use these innovative techniques to obtain the needed images and also we can provide you proven technology solutions in processing services. The techniques that are included in this service are image filtering, visualization, feature extraction and automated quality assessment.

With this we even provide digital services like advanced image processing to make custom free-form cutouts, making custom textures and edges and applying various digital effects.

The image processing requirements of our clients that are provided at SGM are


Photo Restoration

Image Enhancement

2D and 3D Visualization

Image Re-touching, Cleaning and Cloning

Digital Image Retouching

Automated Quality Assessment and Many More...